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Property Buyers Checklist

1. Builder Credentials

Quality of construction

Process for quality control

Whether a qualified civil engineer (external agency/ internal) is appointed for quality checks

Timely Delivery

Feedback from previous customers (Talk to at least 2-3 previous customers)

Visit the sites where construction is in progress

Check for 90 degree angle between walls

Check the quality of material being used (Cement, Steel, Sand etc)

Check the quality of manpower being used (Civil Engineer, Supervisor, Mason etc)


2. Details of Architect


Experience on similar projects

Sample of previous works


3. Project Plans

Status of Land (Whether the builder has purchased the land or has developmental rights), check for legal documents, and confirm the Title status with municipal corporation

Status of approval from relevant authorities (Municipal Corporation or Panchyat)

Environmental clearance, if required, (especially for the projects which are close to water bodies, or conservation zones)

Status of approval from Banks (It is better if a property is pre-approved, as the processing time is significantly reduced)

Project Details

Area of property (Sale Area Vs Super-built-up Vs Built-up Vs Carpet)

Carpet Area (Area of flat with internal dimensions excluding wall area)

Built-up Area (Carpet Area + Wall area)

Super Built-up Area (Carpet Area + Wall area + Corridors + Stairs + Lift + Basement etc etc) - Ask for these details

Saleable Area - Property area which is used for deciding the basic pricing

Check the Authority approved plans and whether the area stated for your property matches with the Saleable area mentioned above

Number of Lifts and Ratio of lifts to apartments (Each apartment should have as a minimum 2 lifts, with ratio of number of apartments/ Lifts not exceeding 30)

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